Handmade Soap - Specialty Soap Bars - Extra Large

Specialty Soap Bars - extra large

This section contains our special purpose, luxury, experimental and 'by request' soap bars for your enjoyment.

These are big bars, made in small batches of just 18 bars, so quantities are limited.

Varieties will come and go as demand dictates, but that also means here's your chance to say "Melissa I'd really like a batch like......" 

As an artisan, I NEED this specialty category as they're my chance to go out on a limb, have some fun, experiment, play and get in touch with some funky ingredients.

These are larger speciality bars and so do not contribute to the soap count for bulk discount.

Customer comments...

Hi Melissa, Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your soaps have been as gifts at Christmas (and through the year) - everyone has been delighted with them. I also love using them and have the soap pump pack in my bathroom too. The other product people are asking me about is your deodorant. It's fantastic. I know it's in the "cauldron" - do you think it'll be a permanent fixture?

Lisa Clancy - April 2015

I would really like to thank you for our 'extra' critters – as well as all the rest of our wonderful order.  The girls loved their 'three critters each'!  You are truly generous and have a wonderful product that I love taking the time to order.  Thank you so much for going to the trouble of having such wonderful products!  I know it is tough to be so particular and so many people want to be particular, it is just hard to find someone who won't compromise!  You are a special lady with special products.  Thank you!

Karen Thomas - May 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to trial your new shaving soap. I have used it daily for more than four weeks now, and have found it to be an excellent product, it lathers well, and I find that my disposable razors are lasting longer. In conclusion, I will recommend your product to my friends, and we will drop in to your shop on our next trip to Glen Innes.

Ken - May 2015

Hello Melissa, 

I just wanted to drop you a line to once again thank you so much for the workshop on Saturday. 

If only Kylie and I started our journey of making soap with you we would be so much further along.  Your sharing of your knowledge and information was truly a blessing for us as I love your ethical attitude towards your techniques/ingredients which I also share.  This was the main driver for us to continue through until we discovered someone just like you.  We have wasted so much time and money trying to understand and wrongly interpret information from the USA to the point we were talking about giving up until now.  Soap making is something that we enjoy to do together for our families and it will just be so much more fun now.  (I almost feel the need to do a before and after video just to show you how much rubbish and stress we were adding to the process, we had a million containers weighing everything to the exact 0.00 gram – even bought expensive scales that could do this, thermometers everywhere not to mention our wastage with the essential oils). 

Your skill of being able to talk the science of soap making I could only imagine would match any science buff out there that would love to know more about the molecules etc. but only mentioning ‘saponification’  a couple of times made me laugh to myself…. all the other classes I have been to have spent more time talking about saponification and what it is to the point of not covering anything about the process of making the soap. 

Your promises of ‘I will show you how’ or ‘I know it will work’ has filled me with lots of confidence to now be making soap which I am proud of. 

I feel very privileged to have met you and to do a class with you.  A big thank you to your family for making the atmosphere a wonderful place to be.  

Loving my soap already! 



Suzie - October 2015