Handmade Soap - Scent-Free With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Scent-Free With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Comforting to overloaded senses and delicate skin

Skin sensitivity could be due to allergies - which might include allergy to grains (ie gluten), ground nuts, tree nuts (including coconut) or dairy.  We've carefully formulated this range to exclude some of the major causes of allergy**

** If you're dairy intolerent you might want to avoid the two goat's milk bars in the range.

Skin sensitivity could also be due to past or current exposure to harsh environments or substances that dry, irritate or inflame the skin.  Look for simple ingredients that you can recognise in your products to reduce the chance of irritation.

Sometimes skin sensitivity is simply about our stage of life.  Babies and children definitely have sensitive skin and many of my clients have told me that as they age they find they can't use the same drying products they did when they were younger. 

All of the soap bars in our Sensitive Skin range are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and two of them also include Shea Butter. 

And our promise to you?  If you're not happy with the gentle cleansing effect of our Sensitive Skin Soap, simply return it to us here at Washpool Farm Soaperie and we'll happily refund the full price. 

Customer comments...

Thank you so much - the order arrived today and everything is great. (I have had some terrible problems with eczema recently and your products are wonderful).

Emily - July 2016

Just also wanted to give you feedback in regards to the Manuka bar you recommended for my little one with Eczema when we visited with my friend Amanda last week, It is wonderful and keeps his skin moisturised and smells lovely. I am very pleased Thankyou.

Kelly - December 2014

Thanks for the prompt response Melissa.

If you could get started with the batch that would be great. Exactly as you made the last one would be ideal.

Your soap has been most helpful, it worked where tablets failed :)


(With the guidance of a dermatologist we adapted an existing formula to remove the dairy component and double the strength of an active ingredient.  We made a whole batch of 54 bars that lasted the client 18 months)

Antony - July 2013

I have been using the Olive Crush each night I shower and it was really lovely to use and I was pleasantly surprised to say it lasted about four weeks.  It did not affect my dermatitis, which is pleasing to note.

I have passed on your website to a couple of friends who also have problems of same or different nature to mine and suggest they look at what is on offer.

Thank you once again and I most definately will circulate the quality of your product.

Del - July 2012