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Lip Balm

It's hard to understand how something as simple as a good lip balm became so complicated. A quick check of the ingredients list on many balms reveals a long list of ingredients that you don't want and don't need.

We invite you to look closely at the ingredients in our balms. We're confident our simple, but carefully formulated blends will soothe your dry lips without the need for all the added extras.

From the extremely soothing pot of Manuka Honey & Calendula to the delicious Cacao & Mint tube there's something for everyone to keep your lips soft and protected against harsh, dry conditions.

Customer comments...

Thank you so much - the order arrived today and everything is great. (I have had some terrible problems with eczema recently and your products are wonderful).

Emily - July 2016

Shaved using your unscented shaving soap today. Absolutely superb product doing everything that a wet shaver requires. I would rate the best I've used. Tried your gift soap and that also is the best I've used. Thank you and keep up the good work.

I am comparing your products to some other top-liners eg/ Dindi, Beauty and the Bees and Moo-Goo and I have found with one small try that your products are 1 step ahead. I know that it is personal preference and the others are very good products but yours just stand out.

You have won a customer for life.

Ron - July 2016

Just a note to thank you VERY much for the amazing course on Saturday. It was excellent, fun and educational – we learnt so much more than we expected and are inspired to make more soap in the future!
In addition, the food you lovingly made was absolutely delicious, especially the EGG PLANT DIP which I couldn’t seem to get enough of…haha!
All the best and well done.

Paula - August 2016

I normally don\'t proffer comments on anyone\'s products but in your case it is warranted. Received another container of the shaving soap the other day and it also is the best I have used. Please don\'t change the formula as it is equal to or better than your Australian competitors as well as overseas competitors. I am very impressed with your products.

Ron - August 2016