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Laundry Soap

Large 200 gram bars

For stain removal simply moisten the clothing item and rub the soap on the stain before washing. The eucalyptus and naiouli oils in the soap act as solvents to help remove stains such as red wine, blood, grease and many more.

To make an effective natural laundry gel: Grab a 2 bucket and add one bar of grated laundry soap. Pour 2 litres of hot water (from the hot tap is fine) over the soap. Stir and allow to cool. Soap will form a gel.  If you've kept a scoop from a previous detergent use one scoop (about 1/4 cup) per load. Add directly to the machine, rather than the dispenser.

Because I often deal with heavily soiled farm clothing, I like to use a product like Oxy Plus or Oxy Clean (active ingredient sodium percarbonate) with my wash. This product is one of the new generation of environmentally friendly washing boosters - it's made up of washing soda and baking soda and contains no phosphates or bleach. I place about a tablespoon into my powder dispenser to achieve brighter results. This is a personal choice - you could use the laundry gel as is for soft, clean laundry.

Customer comments...

The male soap on a roap is a hit in our house too, makes the bathroom smell awesome - I got the vanilla chai one for hubby.

Kathleen - November 2012

It's the service that you give to all of us that makes it such a pleasure to shop with you. Nothing is to much for you, you have a great passion for what you do and it shows in everything.

Monika - December 2012

Just wanted to thank you for my wonderful soap products that arrived so promptly at the Post Office today. By the time I got home, my whole car was beautifully perfumed with essential oils - divine. This is the second year I have treated my family to gifts from your wonderful range. We initially discovered you whilst staying at Mallow Cottage and used the lovely complimentary soap there, then tracked you down via the wonderful internet. My family's best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful festive season, and I look forward to ordering from you again during the year, when I need birthday gifts!

Danielle - December 2012

Recently I came to your lovely Soaperie and bought several of your delicious lovingly made soaps. They are truly beautiful, full of scrumptious natural ingredients that my body and skin loves...almost good enough to eat. Keep doing what you do so well and thank you for nurturing my skin with these products.


Glenda - June 2013