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Handmade Soap

If you're new to Washpool Farm you might be a little bit daunted by the choices so allow us to help by simplifying things a little.

Sensitive Skin - unscented and made on pure extra virgin olive oil, this range is suited to people with a range of allergies, sensitivities and skin 'problems'. 

Goat's Milk - scented with natural essential oils this range is well suited to people with regular skin who enjoy a little scent but want all the skin pampering qualities of natural goat's milk.

Coconut Milk - Our Coconut Milk Bars are inspired by trips to the Byron Farmers' Market. We think coconut milk is an unsung hero when it comes to milk soaps - packing a big punch when it comes to healthy fats that help keep your skin moisturised, soft & supple.

Men's Grooming - this bar is incredibly popular with men who desire an 'all in one' cleansing product. Both gentle and effective for all your grooming needs - shaving, showering and shampooing.

Facial Soap - formulated for dry, normal and oily skin types this bar is particularly gentle and is based on a luxurious aloe vera and goat's milk recipe.

Dog Shampoo - available with essential oils and as 'sensitive' (sans scent) these bars also contain goat's milk to pamper your precious pooch.

Specialty Soap - this section contains our special purpose, luxury, experimental and 'by request' soap bars for your enjoyment.

Customer comments...

Thanks for sending us the soap. We usually come over to Stanthorpe for a long weekend just to buy our soap from you (we live in Goondiwindi) but haven't been able to get there this year. We love Washpool Soap and were thrilled to know we could buy online. You must be very proud of your shop and website. I know we are.

Juliet - April 2016

My husband and I have been using your soaps for some time know and we don’t like to use anything else.  We wanted to stock up before we go on a caravan holiday and your soaps are the only ones my husband in particular likes to use.

Julie - April 2016

I received my order today.  So exciting!  I’ve just unpacked it and WOW!  You were kind enough to also send a ‘salt bar’.  I am SO excited.  I can’t wait to try it.  I’m going to go through the ‘mystery’ packet and see what else I have.  Thank you SO much for having such wonderful products and being so customer focused.  This family REALLY appreciates it.


Karen - May 2016

My parcel has arrived and I have been using the face serum for 3 days and OMG it is the best serum I have ever used. It makes my skin soft and smooth (that's great when you have just turned 60). Thankyou for your products they are fabulous. I love the deodorant stick and my husband has been using the men's grooming bar and loves it. Also thanks for the surprise sample bar of grooming soap hubby can't make his mind up which to use.

If people aren't using your products they are really missing out on something special, keep up the good work.

Julie - June 2016