Handmade Soap - Big Beautiful Bargain Bags - 1kg

Big Beautiful Bargain Bags - 1kg

Are you the kinda person who likes to put your hand into a big bag of soap and enjoy whatever comes your way? 

Are you (like me) a bit of a bargain hunter, looking for the absolute best quality for your family at the absolute best price?

Are you an inclusive kinda person who is happy to embrace good soap in all its' shapes and sizes?

Sound like you?  Then the Big Beautiful Bargain Bag is perfect for you.  

In our Big Beautiful Bargain Bags you might find goats' milk soap, coconut milk soap, experimental batches, soap made during soap making workshops and bars that have done nothing wrong other than be located at the end of a soap log.  

PS.  And a little secret from the soap maker - soap gets better with age and will actually be even milder over time if stored in its' paper bag (or the good old knicker drawer - where it's cool and dry). 

For the ultimate saving buy more and save on freight. 

Customer comments...

I am on several medications that cause my skin to become dry and itchy. I've tried many different products from the chemist but none of them helped my skin. I looked at the Washpool Farm soaps at the market but had given up on finding anything that helped. My good friend snuck back to your stall to buy me the Super Sensitive Skin Soap as a gift. Since using this bar my itchy, scaly skin has become smooth and soft. I sometimes use your natural goats milk soap for a change. I just want to thank you for helping me - I tell all my friends how good your soaps are.

Kay Neave, Warwick - May 2010

My 3 yr old son has suffered from severe eczema since he was a few months old and I have tried every cream (including steroids), lotion, soap on the market. Since using the goat's milk soap and colloidal oatmeal soap his skin has been so soft and flare ups are now quite rare. I also have a 4 month boy and since birth have only used goat's milk soap on his body and hair and I have never had to use a moisturiser on his skin. It is so gentle and I only need to swish it through the water a few times - it even helps with his cradle cap! I now use these soaps for the whole family and have a bar at every sink in the house. I would recommend these soaps to anyone suffering from a skin condition as they are so gentle and luxurious and have really improved bath time for our family.

Rebecca Lipp, Toowoomba - May 2010

My Son is using the low allergy soap as of tonight's bath and it feels so lovely, soft and smooth. The plain goat milk and olive oil mix suits us well.

Jo, New Farm, Brisbane. - May 2010

I've been using Washpool Farm soaps for the last couple of months. I've found I don't need to use a body moisturiser as my skin feels silky smooth after my shower.

My husband loves that the soaps act as an all in one with shampoo and shower gel-he calls it the 'one stop shop' for all his needs-hair face and body.

We are hooked!

Nuala Black - August 2010